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Welcome fellow allotment holders to the new Colchester Avenue Allotments Association website. This is was designed for plot holders at Colchester Avenue in Cardiff, but we also have a lot of gardening and allotment information for which anyone is welcome to read. We have a map of the site, allotment tips, month by month allotment help, meeting minutes, a noticeboard with site specific news as well as allotment and gardening news, a chat forum for plot holders as well as a host of other resources. So have a look around and let us

Click here for the welcome guide given to all plot holders.

Septembers Allotment Tips

This month heralds the start of a new season, as the nights drain and the temperatures drop.
However, there's still lots to enjoy and to keep you busy on the plot as you continue to harvest and make a few last sowings under cover.
Dig over bare areas of soil that have been left vacant by harvested crops. Consider sowing
winter green manures
Overwintering turnips, onions, spinach, winter lettuces, and oriental vegetables should be sown now.
Overwintering onion sets and garlic cloves are now ready to be planted
Continue to feed tomato plants, pumpkins, and other fruiting vegetables with a liquid feed that is high in potassium to increase colour and flavour
Ripening pumpkins and squashes should be lifted off the soil and placed on a patio slab or straw to prevent them rotting
Autumn raspberries should now be ready for harvesting. Early apples and pears will also be ready for picking

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