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Welcome fellow allotment holders to the new Colchester Avenue Allotments Association website. This is was designed for plot holders at Colchester Avenue in Cardiff, but we also have a lot of gardening and allotment information for which anyone is welcome to read. We have a map of the site, allotment tips, month by month allotment help, meeting minutes, a noticeboard with site specific news as well as allotment and gardening news, a chat forum for plot holders as well as a host of other resources. So have a look around and let us

Click here for the welcome guide given to all plot holders.

This Months Allotment Tips


Sweetcorn planted in blocks

Plant out summer cauliflowers, courgettes, pumpkins, artichokes.

Sow outdoors beetroot other leafy lettuce crops, try to sow in a slightly shady area as full sun can create a bitter taste.

Thin out carrots to avoid over crowding and continue planting new rows.

Plant out celery, celeriac, marrows, pumpkins.

Peppers and chillies can be planted outdoors in a sunny spot.

Winter brassicas can be planted now for a winter crop.

There are no more worries of frost catching us out now that we are in June and with the longer sunnier days come more opportunities to get out on the allotment.


Protect carrots from carrot fly and cabbages from caterpillar damage by covering the crop with Envirofleece or Enviromesh.

Remove any onion or garlic scapes (on hardneck garlic varieties) in order to focus all of their energy into producing a larger bulb rather than flowering.

Hoe borders on a regular basis to keep on top of those weeds.

Continue to train/fan fruit trees.

Continue to earth up potatoes not ready for harvest, harvest early potatoes – these are normally ready from 10 weeks after planting.

Inspect fruit bushes and trees for pest and diseases, and treat as necessary. Fruit cages need building or repairing to help keep the birds away from the soft fruits when they ripen.

Upcoming Events

  1. Gardening Monthly July / Garddio Misol Gorffennaf

    July 13 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  2. National Allotment Week

    August 12 @ 8:00 am - August 18 @ 5:00 pm
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