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Welcome fellow allotment holders to the new Colchester Avenue Allotments Association website. This is was designed for plot holders at Colchester Avenue in Cardiff, but we also have a lot of gardening and allotment information for which anyone is welcome to read. We have a map of the site, allotment tips, month by month allotment help, meeting minutes, a noticeboard with site specific news as well as allotment and gardening news, a chat forum for plot holders as well as a host of other resources. So have a look around and let us

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Octobers Allotment Tips

This is the culmination of the growing year and traditionally the main month for harvesting and
celebrating the previous season There may be a slight chill in the air, but gardeners can begin to relax as both the growth of weeds and plants starts to slow up.
If you think you have grown a particularly impressive fruit or vegetable, why not enter a
local or even national vegetable growing competition?
Make or buy a compost bin. The simplest type of bin is made fronm nailing three pallets together to form the back and two sides
This is the main harvesting season for apples and pears They should be stored in an airy, dark
room until they are required for eating or cooking
Take hardwood cuttings of gooseberries, currants, figs and grapevines between now and the end of February.
Figs may need protection with a fleece if in a cold, exposed area. Remove any fruitlets larger than the size of a pea as they won't ripen the following year
Pumpkins and winter squashes should be ready for harvesting. They will store for longen if left out in the sun for a few days before being taken in to store
Dig up any remaining tomato plants and hang them upside down in a greenhouse to allow the fruit
to ripen. Ones that don't ripen can be brought inside and left in a drawer to ripen with a banana.
Earth up around the bases of Brussels sprouts to prevent the plants from being blown over.

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