The Allotment Shop

We’ve joined forces with Amazon to bring you a curated list of items all plot holders should consider for their plot. We’ve divided the items up into categories so make it easier for you. You’ll be ordering directly from Amazon so you have that piece of mind ordering from the largest retailer in the world, many items with free delivery and for those of us who don’t drive, buying compost with free delivery is a plot holders dream. And for each sale Colchester Avenue Allotments get 5-10% commission which will go straight back into the running of the site. You’ll also notice a search box on each item list, so if you’re looking for something not listed, just use the search box to search through Amazons stock of millions of items.

  • Water Butts & Water Collection

  • Watering and Irrigation

  • Essential Alottment Tools

  • Cloches

  • Mini Greenhouses

    Remember, if you want to put up any structure bigger than a standard mini greenhouse, please inform the committee. The below items don’t require you to do this though.

  • Greenhouse Equipment and Accessories

  • Garden Feeds and Fertilisers

  • Compost

  • Allotment Books