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Welcome fellow allotment holders to the new Colchester Avenue Allotments Association website. This is was designed for plot holders at Colchester Avenue in Cardiff, but we also have a lot of gardening and allotment information for which anyone is welcome to read. We have a map of the site, allotment tips, month by month allotment help, meeting minutes, a noticeboard with site specific news as well as allotment and gardening news, a chat forum for plot holders as well as a host of other resources. So have a look around and let us

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Novembers Allotment Tips

Time to dig out the fleeces and woolly hats again, but November on the allotment can be a lovely
time of year. As the season slows down, it is a great opportunity to take stock of what went well and what went badly in the previous year and to learn from your experiences
Remember to save your fruit and vegetable waste and peelings and add them to the compost heap
Bare root fruit trees are best planted now while the soil is still warm from the summer to give them a better chance to establish.
Broad beans should be sown directly into the soil in mild areas or in modules under cover in cooler areas.
Overwintering brassicas should be covered with fleece to prevent pigeon damage
Winter squashes, pumpkins, late apple and pear varieties, leeks, and parsnips should be ready for harvesting.
Any remaining root crops such as carrots, celeriac, turnips, and beetroot would benefit from having a cloche placed over them for a few weeks if you don’t intend to harvest them immediately.
Soft fruit bushes such as blackcurrants, blackberries, hybrid berries, redcurrrants, and gooseberries can be pruned from now until March
Make sure to lift and divide over congested clumps of rhubarb. Replant in well-prepared soil with plenty of organic matter.

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