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April Allotment Tips

This month can be a tricky one for gardeners as they dodge April showers, while the weather can
fluctuate between warm sunshine and cold frosts. One thing’s for sure, though: there’s never a dull moment in the kitchen garden this month.
Melons, cucumber sweetcorn, fennel, courgettes, endives, runner beans, French beans, broad beans, kale, cauliflowers, and cabbages should now be sown indoors.
Broad beans, carrots, radishes, beetroot, lettuces, and kale should now be sown directly outdoors
Apply some force and place strawberry plants under a cloche to get an early crop next month.
Young, succulent spears of asparagus should be ready for harvesting. Cut through the stems when
they’re about 12cm (4’zin), just below the surface of the soll
Stone fruit such as plums cherries, apricots, and peaches can be pruned once flowers and leaves start to appear. Avaid pruning them when they are dormant
Hang pheromone traps on your apple and pear trees to protect them from codling moth damage.
The emerging stems of potato plants should have the soil pulled around their base to prevent tubers near the surface going green and to give them more room to develop tubers

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