CAAA Discount Seed Scheme Now Open

HALF-PRICE seeds from Dobies available to all Colchester Avenue plot-holders

This year we are operating a new seed ordering scheme which will enable all plot-holders to buy any Dobies seeds at 50% of the normal price. Nb this offer includes disease-resistant varieties and organic seeds, flowers as well as vegetables, and seeds are new not old stock. Other items in the catalogue are also available at 15% off.

The Dobies scheme is easy to use.

  • Anyone who wants to take part can pick up the 160 page colour catalogue plus a special order form;
  • Complete the order form at your leisure and return it to me with payment, including £1.99 postage for any number of packets of seeds.
  • After Christmas I’ll start sending our orders and money to Dobies;
  • Your seeds will then be delivered directly TO YOUR OWN ADDRESS
  • The sooner you complete your order, the sooner you’ll receive your seeds.

Pick up a catalogue and order form from the allotment shop, or from any committee member. You can also view the catalogue here on the Dobies website (50% off all catalogue seed prices), but you’ll still need to pick up the special discount form.

I shall be available to distribute catalogues and forms and/or take in orders and money as follows:

Saturday November 9th  10 am to 12.30 Meeting room next door to the shop on the allotment site
Sunday December 15th 1.30 to 4pm Sainsbury’s Café in Colchester Avenue
Saturday January 11th 10am to 12.30 Upstairs in Penylan Library
Sunday February 16th 1.30 to 4 Sainsbury’s Café in Colchester Avenue

If you’d like to contact Caroline for any further information, please complete the form below:

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