Welcome to the new Colchester Avenue Allotments website

Welcome fellow allotment holders. As you may have noticed, the website has had a bit of a re-design. This is due to the sites maintenance being handed over to myself. While updating the site, there will be more areas added and updated including:

  • Plot holders section will still include the month by month allotment maintenance help, beating the weeds and details on the council led courses. As well as this, there will also be allotment tips which I’m hoping you’ll help me build, allotment facilities detailing what’s on the site, when they’re open and what you can get/do with said facilities and a new interactive allotment map. The map will be built using the google maps service and details all allotment facilities, parking, lot numbers, directions to the site and details of all entrances.
  • The news section will continue to be updated with the latest news regarding the site, committee and of course, all newsletters will be available here.
  • The seed ordering will now have an online option, so if you can’t get the paper form back on time for whatever reason, you can submit the form online now.


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