Spring 2018 Newsletter


A small number of plot holders are in the habit of dumping rubbish on our carparks. This is no longer permitted. Our Annual General Meeting last year unanimously established the policy that, in future, green waste could be dumped UNDER THE TREES on plot 10 and UNDER THE TREES opposite plot 121, where it can rot down. Scrap metal can be dumped opposite plot 119B, so we can take it to a scrap merchant. All other rubbish, including plastic, glass, timber and carpets must be taken home and disposed of in the usual way.


Propagating herbs.
The best way to propagate woody herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, sage, marjoram and oregano, is from heel cuttings taken around July. Take short shoots, 5cm (2”) long, from this season’s growth. Gently pull them away from the branch, retaining a short sliver of bark attached to the ‘heel’ of the cutting. Pop the cuttings into a plastic bag, to stop them drying out. Have the 9cm (3”) pots and the cutting compost already prepared. Cutting compost contains no nutrients, but will allow the roots to develop. Strip away 15mm of the lower leaves, spread a small layer of sharp sand on top of the compost, then press about 5 cuttings in the pot. They can then be left in a cool, shaded spot outdoors. You can tell they’ve taken when new growth appears at the tip of the cuttings. After two months the roots will be showing through the bottom of the pot, now you pot them on in potting compost. Water them in. Keep them in the shade for a week. By the end of summer you’ll have a brand new herb collection.

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