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Colchester Avenue Allotments have a range of facilities available to plot holders. Take a look at the map below to see where the facilities are located.

The site has a shop, run by Val and is open on Sundays 12 – 2.

There’s a flushing toilet available for plot holders (accessible using your gate key)

Tool hire (including strimmers & a rotavator) is kindly managed by Craig, who also sells weed suppressant fabric at good rates (£10 will get you a petrol strimmer with a full tank of gas, a full reel of cutting line, head protector and a quick lesson on how to use it). Tool hire works on a donation policy, with plot holders paying a small fee and a deposit when hiring a tool which is returned when the tool is return in the same condition it was in when hired out. Contact Craig on 07944 417528.

Allotment Map

Below is an interactive map created with Google Maps. You’ll see an aerial view of the allotments with entrances, site facilities and parking all marked out.


Click this to expand the map guide and get further information on the site facilities.

Car Parking

Allotment site entrance

Allotment shop


Scrap metal waste ares

Green waste areas